16 nov. 2013



Mr. Henry stumbles home when the evening's done
He's as poor as a church mouse high on the Meyer's rum
Tugging at his shirttail, jiggling a church key
Chewing on a toothpick on another binge

Trampling the rosebush, whistin' to himself...
Now don't wake up the neighbours spitting on the hinge
Rattling the milkbottles, tripping on a skate
Hidin' from the Newsboys before it's too late

The Screen door's open, don't make no noise in the Kitchen
Got no excuse for a cold, grey wife that starts bitchin'
That the no good bum's at it again
After she's given him the best years of her life

He'll tell her he was celebrating Savage's divorce
Played a hunch out at Yonkers, you can never trust a horse
And thrown in jail, swore he'd never do these things again
He's got an alibi but never tells her where he's been ...

"Henry! Henry!"

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